The Players

Today all music events have been postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic. We hope to post some new dates soon!

In the meantime you can find some Musette players playing tunes at home…on Facebook: and Twitter:

Bart Van Troyen

Master in Musette
Player, teacher and maker

He was the first person ever to graduate as a Master in Music and Chamber Music, specialized in Bagpipes and Musette. 

Fascinated by the Versailles instrument, he became the apprentice of Remy Dubois (after a few years of persuading).

Since 2019, Bart has his own independent workshop, and musicians from all over the world play his musettes. From Manchester to Melbourne.

He combines this work with teaching musette and flemish bagpipes in music school and summer camps, varied with playing music in various line ups.

‘Bourdon Collectief’ is the world’s only ensemble formed around a musette duo, Bart and Pieter-Jan have played concerts in Germany, England, France and Belgium.

Amanda Babington

Master in Musette Player, Musicologist

Amanda began her musette studies with Jean-Christoph Maillard before completing a masters in Leuven with Jean-Pierre van Hees.

Artistic Director of Baroque In The North, and already a professional baroque violinist and recorder player, Amanda has assimilated musette into her performing work with various ensembles across the UK and Europe and is currently working on her debut solo musette album.

Musicology and performance have always been intertwined for Amanda. The author of several articles and a scholarly edition, her current research aims to discover what Charles Edward Stuart (aka Bonnie Prince Charlie) might have played on his musette (of which two examples survive).

Amanda combines her playing and research work with teaching at the Royal Northern College of Music.

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